Technology Kart

About Technology Kart

Technology Kart is an inventive Website Designing, Application and Software Development company and established from India. We have the team of top-notch professionals.  Its main emphasis is on things like promoting the brands online.

Tech Kart offer customized Website Designing, Application and Software in India and outside, Tech kart provides a planned and logical approach to produce qualified leads and generate business. Our creative team thinks outside the box. Cause and effect technology Kart offers its clients the finest Website Designs.

Technology Kart have spin-off from TJ Group Of Companies.

In today’s world, first impressions are what your audience will remember. When it comes to the appearance of your website, the same principle applies.  Technology Kart will always make sure your website design looks great from the start. Technology Kart is a consulting firm that has been dedicated to designing, building and testing Websites, Applications, software and firmware solutions for leading enterprises in the India and Outside since 2015.

As a web design agency, we believe in crafting each website to be user-friendly and alluring, That’s why we specialize in WordPress platforms. WordPress runs 30% of the entire internet and 50-60% is WordPress’ share of the global CMS market (yes, you heard that number right) making it the most popular CMS of them all for the seventh year in a row.  We leverage abundant experience, exceptional talent, an agile mindset and our employees’ engagement to coordinate, develop and support highly-integrated environments with world-class execution.

We also support our customers’ embrace of converging technologies by seamlessly extending their teams with an adaptable process framework that shortens cycle times and improves Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).



To become our clients’ most trusted solution provider by investing in and understanding their business challenges, developing and empowering our human talent, providing best of class execution and expanding a culture obsessed with value creation and continuous improvement.


To be recognized as one of the best technology service providers in the Americas as evidenced by the strength of our talent, our relentless focus on technology and our commitment to long-term client partnerships



We believe in our people, where teamwork wins.*Clients. We focus on delivering increasing value to our clients.*Transparency. We are straightforward and open with everyone, always.*Integrity and Respect. We inspire honesty and trust with ourselves, with our team and with our clients.*Resiliency. We adapt to and overcome the challenges of an ever-changing business environment.


Our Awesome Team

Technology Kart is working on the principle of gathering in elite group of professionals and leveraging their collective abilities. Naturally each of these professionals bring their own particular specialization and experience to the table. After they become our family, the Tech kart’s team cross-train our individual who genuinely contribute with positive attitude to the project, which adds stars to it.


Soniya Khanna

Managing Director

Kunal Ahuja

Marketing Head

Darshan Diwan

App Developer

Samule Lopez


Areeb Khan

Web Developer